I can't help but notice an apparent underrepresentation of the Arab World when it comes to content and user-centered design.
The theory is simple: If UI and the code follow the same component structure, it will reduce frictions between designers and developers.
I keep thinking through questions like “How will I gain the trust of the team?” and “What will my new manager be like to work with?”
The infamous padlock in the URL bar of browsers has, for over a decade, been the tell-tale sign of a secure connection to a website.
Every traveler knows it's hard to find more annoying and upsetting experience than landing in the wrong place.
How should you set metrics, and how should you use them?
Tips to getting an offer.
With thoughts from Debbie Millman, Jessica Hische, and Willoughby Design.
When I start designing a map I consider: How do I want the viewer to read the information on my map?
How to create products that will meet our users' expectations?