Case Study

Design is never neutral. It feels like the apps we use every day give us all the freedom and choice in the world, but that's never actually the case. …
A Case for Design in African Start-ups
Starting late last year, we set out to explore how we could make News Feed more readable, conversational, and easier to navigate.
In 2012, tapping a button to Uber across the city felt magical.
A descriptive guide on how I designed and developed my interactive portfolio website.
Over the past eight months, the Swarm team has been hard at work researching, prototyping, and building towards Swarm 5.0
Last week Thomas Vimare, Ariel Dorol, and I launched Foreignrap.
What happens when material design doesn't fit your particular use case?
Deep dive into the creation process of Constrast, the menu bar app created by Matt D. Smith and Sam Soffes.
How incremental design changes can improve the seller experience to drive listing growth & engagement/