Style Guide

Jordan Staniscia tried - and claims he failed - multiple times to create a single, re-usable design system for all of Instacart's visuals.
Photon is our approach to designing and building modern, intuitive, delightful experiences, and appears in Firefox starting with version 57
Nachos is Trello's design system (and also our favorite snack).
In this post, I’d like to share some of the bigger technical decisions we made while building that design system.
In building and evolving our product, we have found it's important to find ways to communicate to everyone in regards to design.
Keeping animation choreography cohesive from the outset of a project can be challenging, especially for small companies.
Designers and engineers use different tools and approaches when working with typography, but can better communicate by applying this style guide.
How we sold and gained adoption of an internal Design System at EA.
In this article, I’ll go over a bit of what I’ve learned and what to keep in mind when designing systems of components with Atomic Design.
Scheduled for 2017/07/24
Ensure consistency and quality across your entire organization with Lingo - the simple yet powerful design system manager, now with a Sketch plugin.