The very first time an input pattern had a float label pattern was in August 2013.
The theory is simple: If UI and the code follow the same component structure, it will reduce frictions between designers and developers.
The tradeoffs and benefits of pseudo-realistic menu design.
What happens when material design doesn't fit your particular use case?
A hard look at how the browse experience translates in the digital space.
The words that usually signal problems with the user interface.
Designing for television has become part of the continuum of devices that require a rethink of how we approach user interfaces and user experiences.
Tooltips - affectionately misnomered as "tootlips" by my friend Steve - are a precariously longstanding interface pattern.
Neat, coherent, and obvious texts make interfaces more intuitive and instill confidence.
We explore the phenomenon of “pseudo-notifications”, and conclude with some thoughts on what the future might hold for this common UI design pattern.