Sacha Greif

The very first time an input pattern had a float label pattern was in August 2013.
I can't help but notice an apparent underrepresentation of the Arab World when it comes to content and user-centered design.
Whenever you're thinking high level, someone will bring you down to earth and ask you to get into the weeds.
Taking something basic and making it beautiful.
Over the years, I've been lucky enough to chat with UX writers from a bunch of different companies.
This was a fascinating design project kicked off by the talented Mehmet Gozetlik, all the way back in 2010.
Firefox had a baby and named it Focus! Firefox Focus is the new private browser for iOS and Android.
Keeping animation choreography cohesive from the outset of a project can be challenging, especially for small companies.
A little while ago, I went on vacation to New York with a friend of mine. We booked our flight, applied for our ESTAs and all was good in the…
Share your cool domains and either find a buyer or finally get motivation to build by finding out how many people actually like your idea.